Thursday, October 6, 2011

The weather is changing....

and that means more walks! :)

Due to Chico's seizures I don't take him on long walks during the hot summer months (which lasts almost all year here in Florida) BUT, the weather is changing. Slowly but surely, fall is in the air. Here are a few photo's I snapped of our 1 mile walk yesterday.

got the evil eye, like "mom really?! stop with the pics"

our signature pose <3
 I am so happy the weather is cooling off enough to where we can still walk at 10am and it's cool enough to not overheat. For awhile, you'd have to walk at 6am to not overheat and I am NOT a morning person! Now, I just gotta get Bullseye a proper fitting harness so he can walk with his bubby! They really are two peas in a pod and our family was blessed immensely when I found him  he found us in March.

I hope your furbabies are enjoying this cooler weather as well!  

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