Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Kitten Update

I received a text on Saturday night with a picture and an update on the kitten that I rescued on August 30th. I wanted to share with you :)

Remember this guy?

August 30th 2011

Well, he's all grown up a little older now and ready for adoption. My friend that took him in to foster while he was soso tiny texted me an updated picture and let me know that he is now 2lbs and ready for his neuter this week. He is already out on the adoption floor looking for his furever home. I am told that his name is Sunny now, so if you go by the SPCA for a visit, be sure to say hello to him! I was informed that he had ringworm and sarcoptic mange when I found him, bless his little heart. BUT, he is 100% better now and ready for a furever home. I really hope he gets that.

Oct 2011

See the difference YOU could make? Had this precious little fur ball not been found after a storm, he likely would have died in the streets. Because we took the time to swoop him up and get him to a foster home and the SPCA, he now has a chance at life. <3

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  1. Aww, he looks so good to have had such a rough start in life. Hope he finds a furever home with a little kid who adores him :)