Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet The Pets: Part 5 of 5

Meet Ashes

The picture above was actually taken earlier today. It's taken me a week to get this last post up about my pets because I honestly can not remember how long we've actually had Ashes. See, the thing with Ashes is, he's lived in the neighborhood for the longest time. He used to live across the circle from me, and when the owners moved, and couldn't take him with, we took him in. He thinks he owns the cul-da-sac because he has lived at two different houses. I know Ashes is older, I'm just not quite sure HOW old. The earliest vet record I could find (with the quick scan I did a few minute ago) was 2004. I am ALMOST positive that we took him in before that. I want to say we took him in before my mother passed, however now that I type it out, I realize I may very well be wrong. I remember AFTER my mother passed away, the family across the street had a death in their family, and they moved shortly thereafter, and left Ashes with us, so 2003/2004 is actually probably fairly accurate. Strange, it feels like I've had him MUCH longer. I guess because he's always been around. Anyways, Ashes is quite the character. He is many of my friends "favorite" cat. He reminds me of Salem the cat, from Sabrina the teenage witch. Don't ask. He really has taken advantage of his nine lives. Even though we are in a dead end area, cars come around the corner fairly quickly, and Ashes has darted in front of them many a times. I've had quite a few friends (and even me at times) freak out because we thought we'd hit him. Like all my cats, Ashes has the choice of inside or out, and he prefers out. He loves to nurse on blankets, and be lovey dovey with other pets (if they let him). He was best friends with my old Lab, Andy.
I'll leave you with a picture of those best buds, Andy and Ashes.

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