Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meet The Pets: Part 1 of 5

I figure since I am writing an animal blog, it'd be only right to introduce you to the pets that rule my life. While I have a total of 6 pets currently, I say part 1 of 5 because two of my dogs go hand in hand as they are brother and sister and came home together, so I will blog about them together. For today I will write about my baby, Chico. Of my 6 pets, Chico is the one that is actually mine.

Meet Chico

His signature Doggie Smile :)

Chico is a rescue dog. I brought him home from my local SPCA on October 18th, 2006. I originally brought him home to foster him until he got old enough to be neutered. He was actually already old enough (8 weeks) to be neutered and the SPCA was ready to do so, but I asked if I could please take him home to foster him for a few weeks to get him stronger for the surgery. He was just SO small. I couldn't imagine him going through being neutered when he was just a few pounds. So tiny. He ventured home with me, captured my heart, and never went back (well, besides a visit here and there). According to the SPCA, Chico is a Chihuahua mix. I am almost positive he is mixed with Italian Greyhound. I say this because of his body shape, and how he loves to run, like a greyhound. This dog has brought me unexplainable joy. He is like a child to me; so you can imagine my distress when he started having health problems in January 2010. January 13th, 2010 was his first seizure. He had a total of 5 seizures in 2010. Such a scary thing to go through, but Praise God he has been seizure free since July 2010. Chico is very very loyal and follows me around like crazy when I am home. If I am sitting, he is in my lap, laying, he is next to me curled up, and if I am leaving with my keys in my hand, he runs to his leash and harness as he wants to come with. He is very energetic and CONSTANTLY wants to play. You can often find him running around with his squeaky toy, begging for someone to play fetch and tug-a-war with him. He also, for some reason, believes that EVERY time he comes in from outside that he is deserving of a treat. That's not good when you have the free will to go in and out as you please. Chico has given me 4 wonderful happy years thus far, and I hope for many more :)
Here's a few more pics. Okay, more than a few. I have so many!! Haha.

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