Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm Sorry Video.

January 1st, 2011. What better day to start my blog for animals? I'm not 100% sure what I will make out of this blog, but it is my goal to post statistics from shelters, heart warming animal stories, tips for pet owners, etc.


This rest of this post has been copied from my November 23rd blog.

"I am thinking seriously about starting an animal blog. My passion is definitely with non profit and charitable work and animal shelters are a big part of that for me. It is my goal to raise shelter awareness not just locally but globally. I want to somehow, some day, make a career out of doing what I love (helping animals). I figure a blog may be a simple start"

This video makes me cry every time. Volunteering in a shelter, I've seen half of these happen first hand. The one that made me the angriest was one time seeing someone bring in an older cat for surrender, all the while, allowing their children to run around, asking about picking out a new kitten. It made me sick to my stomach as I know how traumatizing it must have been for their older cat to be brought into a new strange place and watch its family walk out the door forever. I could just imagine them doing the same thing to their new kitten, 10 years down the road.

* I'm just traveling too much. I'm sorry.
* We are moving. I'm sorry.
* He's just too old now. I'm sorry.
* He's impossible to train. I'm sorry.
* She has too much energy. I'm sorry.
* The shelter can find you a better home. I'm sorry.
* I didn't realize they needed to go to the vet this much. I'm sorry.
* I had no idea a puppy was this much work. I'm sorry.
* I don't believe in spaying or neutering my dog. I'm sorry.
* I no longer have the time. I'm sorry.
* We are remodeling. I'm sorry.
* We just had a baby. I'm sorry.
* We are getting a divorce. I'm sorry.
* My landlord just found out I have a dog. I'm sorry.
* The kids of outgrown the dog. I'm sorry.
* I just don't want a dog anymore. I'm sorry.

*I am dependent on YOU to take care of ME. I am affected by YOUR decisions. A victim of your excuses. And suffering from your APOLOGIES . Please think SERIOUSLY before you add me to your family. 

--- Reminder: A pet is supposed to be a life long commitment. Not a when it's convenient commitment. ---

Now don't get me wrong. I fully understand that in some cases it is absolutely necessary to have to surrender your dog to a shelter. I've seen families (now more than ever) that have had to give up their beloved pet as they are no longer able to financially afford it, or lost their home due to the recession and had to give up their pet. I've seen people come into the shelter heartbroken and crying. I understand these situations and can't even fathom to imagine the pain that their heart feels. I don't place blame for our over crowded in shelters on these legit reasons. What I don't understand is habitual offenders, people that go through multiple pets in a years time. People that surrender one dog, get another, and surrender it a few months later. Repeat offenders I guess you'd say. And I reallyreally wish more people understood the importance of spaying and neutering. Sure, those 8 little puppies are cute but where will those puppies be a year from now?

Have you ever looked at your local SPCA or animal services statistics? They are very disturbing. Here's a look at my local stats for two shelters in my COUNTY. This isn't statewide, just one small county. 

2009  Animal Shelter Statistics
* Animal Services*
- 8787 dogs impounded or surrendered
- 2582 dogs adopted out or reunited with owner
- 6152 dogs EUTHANIZED
- 14841 cats impounded or surrendered
- 478 cats adopted out or reunited with owner
- 14335 cats EUTHANIZED

*SPCA, Inc*
-- 3343 dogs surrendered
-- 1162 dogs adopted out or reunited with owner
-- 465 dogs EUTHANIZED

Maybe you could pass this information on. You never know who you might touch.


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